Plantique Interior Plantscapes

Creating High Impact Plantscapes for over 31 years!

Nothing expresses your company image and well being as plants do.  We understand the importance of creating the perfect impression.  A professional interior plantscape green business space can positively effect your bottom line while lifting customer and employee spirits.  Subtle settings created by plants alleviate the harshness of the building environment.  The plants create a warm and inviting refuge to any business, home or event.  Emerging as a “fashion-oriented” business, Interior plantscaping can be the finishing touch to the overall design of a location or to stand as a focal point to catch the eye of visitor’s, customers or employees.

Design Know-How

Plants are a critical addition to any “Green Interior Design”.  Our horticultural design experts strive to achieve outstanding concepts and we work hard to avoid problems.  This is why Plantique only recommends plants that will be successful in your project.  Our staff will custom-tailor a plan to your lighting, airflow, temperature changes, humidity, traffic patterns and anything that may be unique or special about your business.

Plantique Provides:

  • High Impact Interior Plantscapes
  • Unique Patioscapes
  • Long Term Rentals
  • Short Term Seasonal Rentals
  • Special Occasions
  • Flowering Bromeliad & Orchid Arrangements
  • Holiday Decor Rentals
  • Full Assortment of Decorative Plants & Planters

IMG_1118Your Choice

Perhaps the most important decision you will make involving plantscapes, is chosing an interiorscape company to use.  Plantique gives you a choice to rent or buy plants and our reputation and track record has been a top priority since we opened our doors over 31 years ago.  We’re very proud of our service, the work we do for our clients and the dramatic value we deliver everyday.  Plantique is dedicated to staying ahead of the industry and knowing our plants and what climates and environments suite them best.